Writing an Email to Your Desired Wedding Photographer

Inquiring beforehand about the actual contract signing for your photoshoot is crucial, and just like any other service provider, you have to do your best on interviewing and asking them about your desired results. Writing an email is one of the most effective ways to do this without exerting too much effort. To find the best wedding photographers in Auckland and to make sure that they are capable of providing results here are some surefire e-mail techniques you can implement easily.

Express Your Vision

Right off the bat, you have to explain your vision to them so that the best wedding photographers in Auckland will have an idea of whether they can take the challenge or not. Beforehand, you can also do a quick portfolio check to predetermine this, but it is still better to hear it from them directly.

Wedding photography in Australia, in particular, is a big trend, and there are a lot of new ideas and spots for you to take in. More sure that you explain it thoroughly in the email or request for a meeting so that both parties can communicate easier.

Lay Down the Details

Think of all the tiny intricate details of your wedding. The duration expected attendance, and most importantly, venue. Photographers need to know the location first so that they’re prepared when it comes to pacing and also the number of people they need to bring.

Discuss Your Budget

Let’s face it, wedding photography in Auckland is a lot more expensive than a lot of people would have thought. That’s why you have to include your budget on your inquiry or proposal so that the photography service provider can provide you with a realistic quote, and for what you should be expecting soon.

What to Do Next

After you have sent your email, you can proceed and look for reviews over the internet to make sure that the other clients that they have served are happy with the results. Make sure that you look for many places for reviews to avoid any biased feedback that may affect your decision.


The best wedding photographers in Auckland aren’t easy to find. Sure there are a ton of photographers in the area but only a few are classified as the best. Sending an email may look like a small move, but it is a very strong start that may help you on finding the perfect photographer in Australia, even without going out of your house.

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