Manual Pro Sharpeners: A Quick Introduction for Beginners

Knives are delicate tools, and they require maintenance which is why most people opt-in using an edge pro sharpening system. However, not all people are well-versed in using them, especially on the first try. This is why we decided to make an introductory article about pro sharpeners, why you should be getting them, and what’s their importance.

Manual sharpeners are still pretty standard up to this day, even if there are so many electric models that are being introduced in the market. You generally want to have the manual sharpener over the electric one because of price concerns. Generally, they produce the same results, but you’ll have more control over the manual method and therefore have the best result that you have in mind beforehand.

An edge pro, for instance, is one of the best manual sharpening products you can purchase on the market. They are mostly made for portable use, so you can easily go places with your knives in your bag and have them sharpened within just seconds. The best thing about them is that they are guided, so you can sharpen your knives with sheer precision.

Edge pro sharpeners are made with high-quality solid materials that should withstand force and also resist scratching. It doesn’t, however, mean that it is invulnerable. You should still take care of everything because there are a lot of parts involved, and if one malfunction, the whole system might suffer.

One can easily argue that the edge pro sharpening system is for everyone, but clearly, it is made for a target audience. Cooks come into mind; their having the accessibility to sharpen any knife in just minutes is almost magic. Survivalists or outdoor people will also like having this with them because of their portability.

For beginners, manual sharpening knives and the likes of edge pro sharpening system are recommended because they can teach them the basic principles of sharpening without any punishing results. They’re also inexpensive, ranging from 5 to 50 USD if we’re talking about the simplest manual sharpeners on the market. Those that are considered portable can have their price increase by up to 100 USD, which is justifiable because of the materials required to build them and have the equipment work perfectly without any hiccups.

If you’re looking to sharpen serrated knives, however, manual ones would not be an effective choice. Look for other options if you’re considering using serrated knives so you won’t have to repeatedly buy equipment.

Despite having the professional tag, an edge pro knife is truly beginner-friendly, and we hope that this article helped you in deciding what sharpener variation to get.

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