Chicken Banquet – Is it Worth it?

Restaurants are always in pursuit of a new addition to their menu to hype up their regulars and newer customers. While bundles and package meals aren’t new to the market, it has always been received positively by restaurant-goers because of the discount it offers. Chicken restaurants also do this but in the form of a banquet. Most people might not be familiar with this menu, so this article is being written to inform.

What’s on the inside?

The main element of a banquet is a chicken, and mostly it is served as grilled or barbecued. However, there are some cases where restaurants offer a different style of cooking. Several types of dips are also provided to accompany the chicken to either intensify its taste or balance it out.

Vegetables and other dishes that are good for the health, including a serving of salad, may also be included for those folks that are on a diet or who just want to live healthily. Skewers shouldn’t be left out of any banquet as it compliments well with the vegetables and the chicken. The dips may also be used to amplify the taste of the skewers.

Charcoal chicken in Granville is common to be included in a banquet; however, they might be absent on vegetarian banquets.

How many people can enjoy a banquet?

Most chicken restaurants impose a minimum of 4 persons in order for anyone to avail of a banquet. The contents of the banquet may even be too much for four persons, and for its price, it is definitely worth the shot. Restaurants may also carry out special orders for those that have more than four persons in a group but remember to expect a significant price increase on this one.

Is it a healthy meal choice?

If you look closely at the composition of the foods in the banquet, you can easily deduce that everything is balanced out. The volume of meat and veggies is definitely something impressive, and even those that are very conscious when it comes to their diet portions could enjoy this hearty banquet.

Is it available for takeouts?

Banquets are included in any Lebanese restaurant in Sydney’s main menu, so yes, they are included and are available for takeouts. However, to ensure that everything would be smooth, try to call your preferred restaurant and ask about the banquet availability.


Chicken restaurants have become a great part of Australia. They provide a healthy meat diet for a very affordable price. Their menus are another important thing to praise as they make an effort to keep everything balanced. Chicken banquets are the perfect bundles to avail, especially if many people are eating all at once. Its price point is fairly reasonable, and it is ensured that everyone has enough portions to become satisfied.



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