React Native – and the Importance of Live Reload

Despite having its worldwide success, the React Native framework is still not the one platform that businesses are using. If you’re one of them and are actively looking for an alternative, then this one’s for you. An app developer in Australia can easily use React Native for your business because it’s accessible and there are a lot of resources that are already out to help out developers.

Why use react native

Application development, in general, is very tedious, and it requires a collaborative effort by different developers to pull it off successfully. Not only that but also having to develop applications for different platforms also make it a lot harder. React Native solves this problem by being able to create applications using a single codebase. Not only that it helps save time, but it also makes it easier for developers to detect and fix bugs, knowing that they’ll be solving problems for both platforms.

An app development company might have already used React Native for their clients many times, so it’s very easy for anyone to look for a developer that is capable of using React Native’s full potential.

Live reload

Live reload is React Native’s signature feature that has attracted thousands of developers to switch frameworks. Having the ability to see any change into its live counterpart is also the reason why React Native is known for cutting so much development time.

Developers can see the changes they made on the code in real-time on another window, or in some cases on another screen. While it’s not that hard to compile and run a code, it’s much easier to see changes in a live environment so that developers would also know what error they might have committed, or what bugs to look out for.

With the help of an expanding and ever-growing community, React Native has a very bright future, and it will eventually be something that every app developer in Australia would have in their arsenal of frameworks and programming languages. It’s not that hard to use as well, and transitioning from one framework to another can be easily assisted with so many sources that are available online.

An app developer in Australia can help you achieve your dream application for your business with the help of React Native because of its many features, especially the quintessential live reload. Also, businesses that take advantage and make use of applications have more chances of doing better in the future. 

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