About US

While there are lots of students’ blogs talking about university life, we managed to create a particular blog where every student gets a good idea of what it is like to be a student by simply reading useful posts that are always updated and interesting enough to give the real picture of university life as well as what makes it as enjoyable and useful for future endeavors.

This blog is definitely a blog by students and for students. Authors and contributors are students who talk about their experiences while training for certain course or on becoming a future professional. Added here are students talking about what it is like studying in a particular university and those who tips off about their experiences studying abroad.

Talking about the nerves and excitement of preparing to start and of everything that comes in between before finally crossing the finish line, we managed to get help from students themselves and mentors whose willingness to lend a hand is but of course, courted from being there once and having survived the ordeals of academic life.

However, this blog is not limited to students’ life alone but speaks on the many aspects that nourish and enrich their preparedness in getting where they should be in the near future. The help comes from professionals and mentors whom in their own way guide students as they take their journey toward their qualification, applications and post-educations.

With your extra and free time, why not join us here and simply discover better and amazing ways in your pursuits of academic life and scoops away fun memories of a college life.

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